The Plenoptics 2013 training school will be held at the Mid Sweden University campus in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Campus Sundsvall 1Mid Sweden University is a young university, but its roots go back more than 150 years. As early as in 1842, in the same year as the elementary school was established in Sweden, the decision was taken to place a teachers’ education college in Härnösand. Today, Mid Sweden University has three campuses, Härnösand, Sundsvall and Östersund, with approximately 15 000 students. The main educational focus at Campus Sundsvall lies within the natural sciences, technology, and media. This is also the home of the Realistic3D research group, host of the Plenoptics 2013 training school. Campus Sundsvall is situated a short walk from the centre of the city. It has lovely scenery, with leafy groups of trees and a beautiful promenade along the river “Selångersån.” “Åkroken” – the heart of campus – is built as a city within the city, with alleys and squares, bridges and landing-stages. The striking stone houses reflect the old stone city of Sundsvall and its harbour storehouses, and thereby it preserves a piece of history.

CH_Sundsvall_exteSundsvall is a middle-sized northern town in Sweden of about 70 000 inhabitants in the central parts of the municipality. The placement of Sundsvall is an old settlement of Vikings, at which king Gustav IV Adolf founded the town Sundsvall in 1621.The town is surrounded by forests and rivers, which has made forestry the most important industry, but also metal and chemical industries are important. The proximity to the Baltic Sea made Sundsvall into an important place for trade. In 1888, the whole town burnt down. In the following six years, 600 new houses were built. The sole approved material was stone, which has given the centre a unique appearance. Mid Sweden University is situated at the place of the 1621 center of the town.

CH_sommarkurs_04_FIXADClose-by activities include the adventure bath Himmlabadet, just a 2 minutes walk across the river. Complete with outdoor pool, spa area and a variety of water slides. Excellent for your early morning workout before the school or a more relaxing evening sauna after a hard day of work. Sundsvall city center offers a large variety of bars and restaurants for joint evening activities. And the nearby Nöjeshallen provides a bit more action packed entertainment, if there is a desire. Our local school participants will happily assist in any further activity planning outside the officially scheduled events.